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Anonymous wondered,
"I don´t care how you look like because everything I can see about you is beautiful. I don´t care about your scent because I can literally smell it when I close my eyes and think about your kind words. I don´t care about being alone because all I have to do is going on tumblr and I´ll have thebest company - YOU. Thank you for being your flawless self, for spending your time here, for rping with me, for giving me feels thank your parents for you and thank god for your incredible writing skills!"

…. I’m very flattered. Thank you for taking the time to send this. xx 

In case you weren’t aware, I’ll be on here from now on.

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Happy New Year everyone! :D



Careful, Damon — it’d be a shame if you lost the ability to continue standing at all.” 


"Trivialities, sweetheart, we had fun once, remember? So help the next man who snidely makes a comment in your presence."

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Follow this amazing Damon~

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Damon Salvatore: We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street

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In the midst of… whatever the hell I was doing, I made a few decisions about what i wanted to do with this blog.

In light of the new year that approaches in the evening, I thought I might have a fresh start to things, restructure my life, my priorities, and that includes this blog. I hope you guys will be willing to work with me on this, and I can’t thank you all enough for being there. x

P.S. This only applies to Damon for the moment, not Elijah and Kol. 

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littlemisskatherinepetrova wondered,

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